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Operation Constitution
Constitutional Memorandum:

1. Eliminate welfare programs:(a) S.S.-can be done better for each person on a more local level.  We can contribute to a 401k or IRA program (to be decided by each person; (b) Food stamps- should be handled similar to unemployment (you should have to work, applying for work, or going to school); (c) Unemployment- We should pay into it in installments on a choice plan 6 month, 9 month, or 12 month plan (like insurance). -payment plans

2. State Run Minimum Wage- the Federal Government should remove itself from the equation of the unemployment issue.  The states can handle this issue better due to the differences between the states (for example: to live and work in Kansas would be very different than in New York or California)  Each state has examined its needs and knows their people better than the Federal Government.

3. (a) Obamacare: to remove this and let the market handle it once again (this time allowing for less restrictions). Open the state to state borders- (b) UnEmployment: cancel the Natural Gas drilling restrictions and allowing the pipe line to be built would allow for plenty of jobs. - (c) (Stock Market) We must stop feeding the rich through the stocks.  By feeding the rich through stocks, this allows the business owners not have to expand and hire and still grow financially.

4. Tax Revamp- Federal taxation can be simplified if we just decided to change the laws to a single simple tax.  If we just had a 5- 7% sales tax on any and all items every time it is bought/ sold.  I would suggest a limit of no more that 7% unless a Declaration of War has been set by Congress and will not exceed more than 11% while a D of W stands and will immediately switch back to the original percentage with-in 24 hours of the final moment the D of W is over.

This will allow us as "Free Americans" to rid ourselves once and for all from the IRS and will save our tax money by having less bureaucracy to pay off.  This will also allow anyone (to include) illegal aliens and visitors to assist in the paying of taxes as well.  Plus no more Federal tax cuts (loop holes) nor false promises from a corrupt (or rarely honest) government.

5. Banks/ need to split/ Investment Firms:  Banks should have to separate their accounts.  One business should be the public financing and another business should handle all investment accounts.  This is to keep the stock markets from destroying our economy again.

6. Voting:  A: We should have a three tier test;
(a) On a local level: their should be 3 questions that a person must answer two of the three right about the said constituent.

(b) On a County - State Level: their should be 5 questions that a person must be able to answer three out of five right about the said constituent.

(c) On the National Level: their should be 10 questions that a person must be able to answer seven of ten right about the said constituent.

I: Without these questions answered- the politician elect will not even show up on the voters ballet.

II: When submitted the voter will receive a print out and all votes go on a card (electronic) that gets turned in.  This happens between Six- Four weeks before the date of election.  In an alphabetical order (day permitted for voting is inline with the first letter of your last name.

III: On the date of election the voter will then go in and place the said printout into a voters box.

IV: This multi-split system would allow for less likely voter fraud and no one would be able to vote for someone they don’t know.  Also, it would keep votes more organized rather than people all at once standing in line and waiting. 

V: The print out should have a two tap fraud system.  #1 on the top; would have a five line CODE, line 1: 5 punches, line 2: 20 punches, line 3-5: 25 punches.  This would show on the top of the ticket-where you voted at, depending on the Area or Building.  On the bottom their would be a BAR CODE system that would show which booth you voted in (again allowing for less chance of fraud).

B:  I believe that if you rent rather than own land and/or are on some sort of Welfare/ government assistance program, that your vote should be cut/ worth only half of that of those who own their own land and have no government assistance (this would ensure that the vote that would count for more would not be that of MORE socialist programs).

7. Immigration:
A: The Government would use the laws currently on the books. 

B: Also, the fence that has been budgeted for and planned out for our borders should be built (this includes but not limited to both our southern and northern boarders). 

C: For the issues that farmers might come against, the Department of Immigration would make it easier for migrants to receive seasonal certificates with less restrictions and less wait time.  Also, farmers could receive a 0% Industrial Tax if they hire no less than 51% U.S. Citizens.  This would allow for them to give hire wages.  (assuming they do not use the previously above stated tax code change).

8. Gold Standard:  We also need to move our economy back to the old fashioned “Gold Standard”, allowing that our budgets will have no choice but to meet what is payable by our Government.  Loosing our Debt. from outside sources little by little, eliminating influence by those who are not American citizens.

9. NASA:  This program should be brought back for space exploration and the value of keeping our own control over space travel.  Also, this was the only lucrative government program we ever had as-well-as it assisted with American innovation.   All of their findings and explorations could benefit our country greatly.  Bringing  back American exceptionalism.

10. Education:  We should give the local communities the capability of running their own schools.  The school boards should meet on a state and national level and discuss what they want and what they think only in a meeting similar to a convention.  However, any and all decision/s are final at the local levels.  Every state should have an easy to use and community friendly voucher system allowing people to choose what schools they want their children to go to.  No teachers should be forced into a union and no union should receive funding from taxes.

Here is where we show the differences between us and those like Shaun Hannity who calls for the Penny Plan.  The penny plan is a suggestion to take a penny from every dollar (or one percent) from the budget across the board every year until our budget is balanced.  You can not take evenly from every government program.  Because, not every program is equal.  Where as one program might be very tight on it's much needed budget their might be five more that either are not necessary or do not need nearly as much as they are using.


Others like the Liberal Media and Politicians. 
Those who want to tax the rich and expand welfare.
Welfare has been proven over the time of the 1900's to not work and is a waste of both time and finances.  The welfare system is only a ploy to advance political gain and play upon the emotions and the vulnerabilities of the public.  We should allow communities to have the sense of coming together and fixing the problems on their own.  After all, when programs start at the local level it allows for more of the budget to reach those who actually are in need with the smallest of overhead.  Their for each state needs to be able to budget for those who live there.  No longer shall they rely on the Federal Government for hand outs or financial reimbursement.

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