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Morality * Constitutionality * Fiscal

Morality-No matter who you are, everyone has an understood set of Morals.  Even if we all don't agree with with them as a societal whole.  From Mass murderers to Mother Theressa, we all have guidelines for our lives that we set.  Some are from the Bible, others from life and so on.

Constitutionality-Is it Legal/ Constitutional.  Would our forefathers had approved of "it"?

Fiscal Responsibility-Does it make financial sense or are we going to go into debt over  it?

Here we will pull back the curtains and the Director will tell you his thoughts about the Government and issues that arise.

The Fiscal Cliff/
Debt. Ceiling

Congressional Term Limits

Government Healthcare

Capitalism for Pure Communism

No more IRS- Federal Taxation

No such thing as Crony Capitalism

 Healthcare VS. Health Insurance


Property Tax

**More To Come**

The Fiscal Cliff is a play with words that the Government Officials came up with to scare the Individual person into submitting and allowing what ever allocations of finances they might say they need. 

If we were to let the Government fall right off the cliff then we would still pay ALL of our bills by the taxes we collect from the "workin' people", here in America.  We would not default (unless those in charge decide to not pay the bills we owe).  However, we would have plenty to pay them.  Also, the Government Officials would have to work within the means they make us "We the People" work within and become "responsible".

By allowing them to constantly rise the debt. limit it is like letting your child max out your credit card and instead of taking it away each time...  We just get them a new one. 

 I know our forefathers did not make terms limits for Congress (nor did they for Presidents but we found it necessary to do so after one took advantage of it).

I believe it is time to set limits for Congress.  No more than 8- 10 years for State Reps. (who are up every 2 years) and no more than 12 years for Senators. (who are up every 6 years).  No more that 16 years in total if they choose to pursue both offices of Congress. 

This still allows for plenty of time to work for the people and work appropriately as servants of "We the People" and limits time to become overly corrupted by the D.C. Lobbyists.    

 Government Healthcare is a Socialist Idea.  One that people like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Adolf Hitler utilize to control the people of their society.  The Idea of anything that is Mandated by the Government to  for the citizens to purchase whether it be an item or a part of society (like education and healthcare) is wrong and un-American and removes the peoples freedom to choose.  We have to allow our society to thrive even through the hardships without intervention from the Government. 

We must look at issues and find a way to fix them through our free market society rather than allow all freedoms to subside.  After-all where else in the world could anyone poor or rich walk in or be bused (by ambulance) and expect to receive treatment aside from America?

The U.S. Military, the worlds finest establishment.  A necessary power in the balance of "Good VS. Evil".  These are our finest volunteers.  However, this is a Communist Society in the purest sense of the word.  We can not allow this to run over into our economy and blend with our society.  After all the only reason why the U.S. Military runs so smoothly, is due to the Pure Capitalist Market that provides it with  the income it needs to devour and freedom to maneuver as it deems necessary.  With out a PURE Capitalist Society to drain its sources from, then the whole system would fail to succeed in any manor of the word. God Bless ourTroops.  GodBless our America.    

Federal taxation can be simplified if we just decided to change the laws to a single simple tax.  If we just had a 5- 7% sales tax on any and all items every time it is bought/ sold.  I would suggest a limit of no more that 7% unless a Declaration of War has been set by Congress and will not exceed more than 11% while a D of W stands and will immediately switch back to the original percentage with-in 24 hours of the final moment the D of W is over. 

This will allow us as "Free Americans" to rid ourselves once and for all from the IRS and will save our tax money by having less bureaucracy to pay off.  This will also allow anyone (to include) illegal aliens and visitors to assist in the paying of taxes as well.  Plus no more Federal tax cuts (loop holes) nor false promises from a corrupt (or rarely honest) government.

By believing that Capitalism can be "crony" allows you to think that capitalism is a bad thing.  However, Capitalism is the true and only honest market that has been proven to thrive in all of history.
What it truly is, is Crony Industrialism.  This would be the true wording to define, the unholy alliance between Government and Businesses.  Learn that Capitalism is the true market of good faith industry. guided by the society. 

The difference we need to understand between health insurance from health care is as follows. 

* Healthcare is what you receive once you show up at your doctor's office or hospital.  The actions performed once you arrive are considered "Healthcare".  This should be you choice as to where you are able to CHOOSE to go.  You choose the Doctor or the Hospital of your choice to receive the Healthcare that you feel is the best that fits your needs.

*Health Insurance is what you might or might not choose to buy depending on your financial situation.  This will/ can limit your choices of Healthcare.  By our Laws here in American (prior to Obamacare) and unlike most any other country, you could by law get health care from/ by any Doctor and/ or Hospital that you showed up at.  They had to follow certain criteria prior to your release.    

On a local level: their should be 3 questions that a person must answer two of the three right about the said constituent.

On a County - State Level: their should be 5 questions that a person must be able to answer three out of five right about the said constituent.

On the National Level: their should be 10 questions that a person must be able to answer seven of ten right about the said constituent.

Without these questions answered- the politician elect will not even show up on the voters ballet.

When submitted the voter will receive a print out and all votes go on a card (electronic) that gets turned in.  This happens between Six- Four weeks before the date of election.

On the date of election the voter will then go in and place the said printout into a voters box.

This multi-split system would allow for less likely voter fraud and no one would be able to vote for someone they don’t know.

When you purchase something (anything) from gas for your car to food, shoes and even guns.  These things are yours completely.  You no longer pay taxes and you are not asked/ required to make anymore payments to keep it.  Your access to the item should not require extortion like payments to keep it.  Much like a mob payment, the government forces payment for the property you have purchased or they threaten to force their will over you, your family and all of your belongings.  The property at this point can no longer be considered "yours", it is now only "rented".  What then is the incentive to purchase any property..?  If you are no longer able to own anything, then truly how free can you be? 

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