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The History
and Meaning of the
American Flag (the one and only)

Welcome and let me introduce what a Great many have fought and died for...  It is not merely a physical piece of material but the Idea!

These colors do not run

Red:Valor - The Valor of the troops and the blood they have shed for her.

  1. Definition of valor (n)

  2. [ vállər ]

    1. courage: courage, especially that shown in war or battle

    synonyms: courage · bravery · heroism · fearlessness · boldness · gallantry · pluck · spirit

White:Purity - The Purity of a New and humble Beginning.

  1. Definition of purity (n)
    • pu·ri·ty
[ pyóorətee ]

  1. freedom from contaminants: the absence, or degree of absence, of anything harmful, inferior, unwanted, or of a different type
  2. innocence: virtue and innocence
  3. clarity: clarity of tone or sound

synonyms: cleanliness · spotlessness · transparency · limpidness · concentration · clarity

Blue: Justice and Vigilance- The Idea of being always Vigilant and pursuing Justice for all.

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You're a Grand Old Flag
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This I will DIE for
so you will
Have to

The colors and stars on the Flag originated from the Seal of the United States of America which was authorized by  (the Continental) Congress in the year of 1776 and the flag became effective in 1782.

Now the American Flag has evolved 26 times since the 1700's.  We have grown our Flag as our Nation has expanded.  It has been a symbol of our Freedom, Liberty, and Pride.  When national tragedies have occurred we have hung it high and proud.  When natural disasters have broken communities, we flew our flags for all to see.  When someone special to our nation passed away, we set our flags at half staff from coast to coast. 

However, lately we have found that our National Flag has been defiled and bastardized.  Soon we will have to make a decision. 
Will we choose to protect our flag?
Will we abandon it?

We shall all stand under our Flag proudly once again.

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Johnny Cash - I Won't Back Down (US Army Tribute).
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The Constitutionalist American Flag

  1. Definition of constitutionalism (n)
    • con·sti·tu·tion·al·ism
    • [ kònstə tóoshən'l ìzzəm ]

    1. government by constitution: the principles or practice of government regulated by a constitution
    2. belief in idea of constitution: belief in constitutional government

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God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood
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