Freedoms and Liberties slipping away
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Freedoms and Liberties slipping away

We have watched theInternal Revenue Services be appointed with the most power any one piece of Government can or has been since the beginning of America (full authority of our finances and health care).  Instead of proving the socialists right by doing right by us, they have only reassured the knowledge that our forefathers past down "a large and powerful government will rule and you will become their subjects".  We can not let this happen, we can not allow this to stand. 
The IRS has shown their true colors, they are not a trustworthy group, they are not an honest group and they are full of individuals with agendas.  These agendas are easily noticed to be forwardly against the people/ citizens of America.  The IRS has pressed against the Tea Party individuals so much so they nearly were silenced from the nation completely.  Keeping out the voices of those who knew about the Benghazi, Fast in the furious, and more scandals.  This means any informed voices were purposely silenced by theIRS without a spoken word passed down from higher.
These individuals put in places of power are done so, due to the beliefs they hold so dear from the indoctrination they have been raised in, believing they are going to make the nation stronger by crippling the people in it.
The IRS has laughed in the faces of all those who are for the powers of the U.S. Constitution and we are told by the Media and others in the administration that the "Constitutionalists are the dangerous ones".  Tell me now when have the ones fighting for THE RULE OF LAW ever been the ones that we deemed the TERRORISTS?

Then comes the National Security Agency, granted the issues started by G.W. Bush by the Patriot Act, powers have only been expanded by the Obama Administration beyond the beliefs of what it could had ever been; by using code name "Prism".  They use the guise of safety and terrorism to conceal the truth that they are no more than a domestic oppressor of freedom and as such they can not be trusted with this amount of power and authority.  
The NSA has been watching our every move for years and yet they have been unable or unwilling to do anything but assist in concealing the incompetence of our national leaders.  Under the NSA's watch they  have allowed for more terrorist acts to pass right through their fingers.  However, they have allowed during these times to let more Americans be killed (not counting war) or captured (whether it be by our government or other country's) than any other administration in the past 30 years. 
"We the People" can not sacrifice our freedoms for so called promises of safety or we soon will have neither.  We must learn to become more active and knowledgeable about our leaders and those who are running.  We can not allow for lies and deceit to dictate our choices.

We must learn that it doesn't matter what side they say they are on or what the letter (D or R) is along with their names we can not trust them with power.  The power must stay with the people and not the ever expanding government.  We must stay vigilant, cautious and aware.

I am well aware that many people have differing opinions of Rush Limbaugh, put that aside long enough to listen to this-


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