Federal Taxes or Your Money..?
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Federal Taxes or Your Money..?

Why is it that the Government expects us to pay them so that they can commandeer our finances to explain to us that they need it (they say they can not cut taxes, thus they can not give us our money back). Yet, the more money they take, the less works and the more they break. The more they break the more money they need. The more money they take the more they screw up. The more they screw up the more they commandeer. The more they commandeer they more the repress our freedoms, so we can't get in their way of taking more and breaking more... When will the people see this?

This never seems to change over time.  In a scrupulous Government lead by manipulative leaders that are power hungry, they seems to feed off of assuring you that they need the funding to provide for you the sanctuary and gifts.  Although, no one ever seems to ask themselves (until it is too late) who protects me from those leaders. 

To expose a group of those who make more money as the bad guy should scare you.  This is a way to take your eyes off the true cause of the liberties being stricken and your money being forcefully removed.  We must not let them lead us down a path of destruction.  We must stand together and tell them NO you may NOT have my money to do as you wish.  YOU will be held ACCOUNTABLE for your actions, otherwise you will spend little time leading and more in the Prisons for the thieves that you are.

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Dmitri Chavkerov on Thursday, September 11, 2014 1:26 AM
I was looking for something like this ,Thank you for posting the great content about the money exchangeI found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogsā€¦
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