Racism in our culture and Morality.
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Racism in our culture and Morality.


Racism is defined as the following-
  1. Definition of racism (n)
    • ra·cism
    • [ ráy sìzzÉ™m ]
    1. animosity toward other races: prejudice or animosity against people who belong to other races
    2. belief in racial superiority: the belief that people of different races have different qualities and abilities, and that some races are inherently superior or inferior

synonyms: racial discrimination · discrimination · prejudice · bigotry · intolerance
Definition by bing.com

Although racism was once believed to be an issue here in the North American Continent (a lot like a great many areas around the world), it has been overtime, tempered down.  Their will always be groups and pockets of people in any culture that resist the idea that we are all made equal, and in turn will choose to believe that they or their race is superior to the others that are out their.  This should not however breed contempt for the other individuals that do not share this belief. 

Somewhere we got off track.  We, as a nation,  have decided that as long as you are one of those believed to be ancestors of the once enslaved people, then it is okay for you to persecute others of a different culture or race due to the wrong once done in the past to your elders.  However, we are finding more people do this because of skin color rather than ancestry.  As well, they too are claiming wrong done to them even when no one of their blood line was wronged in these ways in this nation.  Even so, this is not a justification for either side to pursue this chosen path. 

No one has the right to engage these hateful arguments/ lifestyles for a reason of past wrongs.  We have fixed the racial inequalities and have attempted to move on as a nation from what was once a self imposed lifestyle, to a political injustice, to a temperament of wrong belief.  It was never justifiable nor it is okay to allow for a reverse to occur.  We must not allow this to impose any longer in our nation and we must leave this dead in our past.  Never forgetting it and all that happened during these days of our nations history.  But, allowing that those days die and are never again, allowed to be resurrected (politically or otherwise).

It now seems that the shoe has quietly been placed onto the other foot.  Where-as, once it was deemed acceptable for a white person to imposed rules/ regulations on those of what was looked to be a different color are now those of the once African (dark skinned) communities to the European (whiter) skinned.   It is acceptable that if your tone of skin color is correct, you may use words such as Nigger, Nigga, or any slang chosen.  You as well might be allowed or disallowed to use other words of endearment like "DOG, Bra", or what ever might be the generational codes in that specific area.  This is not to be allowed if you are the wrong color though.  As well, if you believe that something is wrong with a certain idea (like people should not be on welfare or that birth control should be the fight against needed abortion, or other ideas or morality) if these are coming from someone not of that community or color, then the person must be a racist or an Uncle Tom. 

This is a whole new culture of reverse racism.  This too is wrong.  Either we realize this and come to terms with it or it will overcome the world we live in and overtake all that we have made progress in.  As Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. strive so hard for slips away, we sit and watch those who once walked with him become the tools of a political class to impose this new injustices on our Nation.  We can not let all that has been accomplished be abolished by a rise of any one particular race or group of people over another.  This can not be allowed and we must be the ones to stop it. 

It is a lacking of morals.  We must get to the basics of being a COMMUNITY again.  To be as one.  From churches to households, from schools to alleyways, we must teach the proper moral rights and wrongs and we must be the conduit of the correct way of life and living.  No longer can a culture own a word or a way of life.  This is America and we all have the right to all things both great and small in the borders of our nation.  Every man woman and child has more than likely somewhere in their blood line been able to find a time and place where they too were a subject to another.  This can not be the way of the future here in our Great Nation.  It is not for the political class to progress this idea or movement though.  We must do it as a society and a single nation of one great people.  When someone disagrees it is not to be assumed of a racial interference but rather a difference in ideas and thought. 

Like Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson, these people are too great and want only what is right.  Then why is it that only the Black Community is fighting them (of course with the backing of the Democrat Party).  If people could see past the colored/ political blinders, they would see a great idea and a wonderful person in pursuit of tremendous things, not just of their "skin color" but for everyone as a whole.

We have a racial issue, we have a lack of morality issue.  We need the Moral right and wrong to be brought back by every parent and preacher and we need them to stand strong against those who appose them.

Nigger-  This is a word that is not a property of any one person or race.  Learn the definition and use it right or don't use it at all.

Morality- This is a word that is the property of all people and should be relearned and used more often.

Only you can give these "WORD/S" strength, which one will you choose to empower?

After all you have to ask yourself; who is the true racist?  The one calling everyone who might do something you disagree with a racist because of their skin color.  or  The one who might have done something that happened to be to someone of a certain color or race? 

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