Red VS. Blue: The Original Gang Wars.
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Red VS. Blue: The Original Gang Wars.

From Red to Blue, gangs all over fight trying to prove they are superior.  One color being better than another.  One number being greater than all others.  Symbols to show that we are a part of an idea that make little sense.  To be stuck in a crowd of those who would kill over a letter or a color.  Proving constantly to those who attempt to perpetrate on their land that they are in-fact the de facto Boss and no one is going to take their power they have manipulated and fought so hard to develop and achieve a tight grip over.  This is the structure of a gang. 

Other members give them strength in numbers.  Doing their bidding and providing services and money to support their leadership.  Anytime someone apposes their ideas with common sense and attempts to provide an alternative solution or idea, they are automatically deemed and enemy and are immediately ignored and/or attacked viciously without ever attempting to hear what they might say.  Slandered and destroyed even if the apposing idea could benefit everyone better than the current repetitious and redundant motions that keep us cluelessly pandering for scraps.

Red:  Republicans- They are the weaker gang, even though they have been proven to be a majority in the constant fighting.  Their ideas once were the strength and back bone that the people could rely on for a common sense solution to the issues provided daily.  Eventually they fell into the manipulations and lies and believed that which their rival gangs suggested.  After all, who wouldn't believe that their enemy has their best intentions in mind when offering advice?    

Blue:Democrats- They have long since been reformed into a class of destruction and change.  When once believed and trusted to hold the hope for the little people, they used this to advance their lies, manipulating a great number into believing that they have a vested interest in the well-being of any and all persons and if you appose, you must be a bigot and a hate mongering non believer.  Hushed to all the outside rhetoric, never to be able to listen or hear an apposing idea until the advancement of the brain washing has successfully taken effect.  Knowing only programmed responses like good little drones, their is no more but a shell of who your party once was and long past achieved for the good of all (or for the good of any for that matter).

The groups growing further and deeper into the advancement of conflict.  Killing any idea that their might be a better way.  This war has long been a foot here in our country.  Yet, we refuse to see that we have chosen sides, even with both sides working to fail us in the growth and well-being of our country and her best interests.   We, in affect, are in a gang war.  The oldest gang war of our nation.  Red Vs. Blue; Dems Vs. Republicans.  But, no longer is there a hope of a winner that can achieve an outcome that will prove to be good for our nation or the people within its boarders.   

It is time we stand in opposition and realize that we have taken far to many steps in the wrong direction.  We must not falter and we must learn to do the right thing, which may not always be the popular thing nor the easy thing.  But, will lead ours and our children's future to a brighter path for generations to come.  Otherwise, we can all look forward to becoming a Detroit in our very own Soviet Union.

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