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Speaker Bonehead

John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, just recently was re-elected into his office this past election, where he witnessed the peoples decision to prove their power by dethroning his friend and colleague Eric Cantor.  This became the cornerstone of the nearing elections.  Yet we have seen that since the final vote was counted and the purge of the democrats ensued, ridding us all of the very cancer we have endured for far too many years under the Obama Administration.   Where the voters left the mark on the seats of many, they stated that there would not be anymore failing, "We the People".  However; we have never seen such disobedience from those who claim to serve the needs and will of the people.  Not even before the end of this closing year, we have seen that those who have been graciously hired as our Congressmen and women, have turned from their recent promises of defunding Obamacare, reestablishing boarder security, and stopping the death of our once strong American dollar.  If their is one thing that we can give praises to Boehner for, is the unity of the Liberals and Conservatives in a hatred for him and his views.  These are the very same ideas that have slowly been destroying the very cornerstone of our financial and free market communities.  We, now, need to move hastily away from these very measures that have bled us of the humanity we once had.  But, in humanity it is understood that we will have both failures and successes and we need to endure and embrace them both, learn from each and grow.  Instead we keep doing the very same things over and over.  This, Einstein once said was the definition of insanity.   

I would try to learn from the history we have all attempted to run from for so long.  We have so many capable people trying to teach us the ways to heal.  We just need the will and want to listen to what it is they are telling us.  I heard it once said this way, "If a Doctor knows you have cancer and doesn't tell you, in hopes you will enjoy the rest of your life, happy...  Is he a true friend or is his sentencing you to death for sure?  Wouldn't a true friend tell you that you have the cancer and attempt to save your lives?  This would mean you would need to take on chemotherapy and then you would have to go under the knife, so that the doctor could cut the cancerous tissue out."  Well, we need to let the doctor take out the cancerous tissue.  We have allowed for far too long, these people try to lie to us about the disease.  It has spread too far for much too long.  

I talk to people who can tell me the every score of any and every baseball game played from the 1930's to the current games.  Yet, not a single one of them can tell me the last four words of the second amendment or the start of the Declaration of Independence.  It was once said by Ben Franklin, "We give you now a Republic, it is up to you to keep it".  It was up to us to breath the life into our communities and keep every generation safe from this, which we have lost.  It is the idea of community that we have lost.  Brother helping brother, neighbor helping neighbor.  We must gain these respects back and be willing to do what is necessary for the good of our nation.  We are dying, we are killing ourselves and we are not standing up for the good of each individual person, both weak and strong.  "We the People" have been given the power to take our nation back, but will we?  Will we choose slavery from the very people we have elected or will we learn from our past and grow the communities by making those who have betrayed us pay for their desertion.  They have turned their backs on their very oaths of office and in turn have turned their backs on us.  It is now up to us to do what is necessary for the sake  of our children and the future of our bloodlines to have the freedom we were once granted.  Mark Levin has spoken about it.  We must grant the power of the Article 5 Convention and we must learn to elect those who are honest and will do right by us, rather than those who have enough money to get our attention.

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