Are you beholden to the Principals or the Party
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Are you beholden to the Principals or the Party

 Most people, if you ask them, claim to be either Republican or Democrat.  If you ask each individual person why they are the one they claim, they will give you some story that has to do with the principles of that party or that their family has voted that way for generations.  You see, each party has a set of written principles they are supposed to follow.  Yet, out of the big two, neither of them seem to do so.  Most people go off of what they hear on the news networks, yet if you truly think on it, how often have the news networks been honest about what they cover?

So far we have had the George Zimmerman case, where they doctored the video and told a false story that took days to uncover.  After the fact, many people in the population refused to hear anything but the lies.  Next was the Ferguson, Missouri incident.  This was covered with a twist as well, the twist being that the media once again had an agenda and lied to you the public about yet another shooting.   Then, recently we had a Rolling Stones report that caused such controversy that it was investigated and from said investigation found that they have had many false stories over the decades of publication.  Even reporters admitting they falsified stories, documents and entire reports, some of them claimed that the story just needed to be told (even when they got innocent people in trouble).

How many people are able to name the different parties that run during elections across our country?  We have had Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Independent, and the Constitutional Party.  Each have a set of beliefs.  Most are ignored because of a monopoly of the media and the attention of the people within the society.  When you do not do your due diligence you can not expect someone else to do it for you.

We must determine if we are going to follow a party blindly or hold them responsible for what they claim as their goal or principles.  If you look on any one of the national convention pages for a particular political party affiliation, you will find that they have a set of principals.  Yet, I have not seen either one of them hold those with-in the party to these specific guidelines, rules, regulations in nearly an entire century.  The last few who did so were President Calvin Coolidge and President Cleveland.  No, not even the late Kennedy (with UN Code 7277) nor Regan (with the Brady Bill) were able to uphold the life behind the party promises.

These principles were supposed to tell us what the said party was concerned with and what they practiced in their political fields.  Although they still campaign on these false set of principles through hollow promises, people seem to be completely blind to the fact they are being taken for a ride each and every election.  Rather than doing their due diligence on each person the voter is looking to cast their vote for, the voter just seems to go with who ever claims the most colorful lies that pertain to that individuals interests. 

No wonder so many are sick of the voting process.  But, instead of just complaining about it and then choosing not to vote (which this makes most elected officials happy, less people to lye to and please).  Each person should take time to look in depth on each person they are thinking of voting for.  Rather than submitting themselves to being beholden to a specific party, they should look at the very core principles that each person has held themselves to since they have been in any office or for the term of their public lives.  This would cause each and every person running to be held to the promises they claim during the campaigning. 

Had people done this, then we would had all seen that Obama was not as he was portrayed during the presidential campaign of 2008.  In each of he so called "biographies", he claimed that he wanted to change this country in ways that our founders would have had him hung for.  He was an admitted socialist that wanted us to transform into a second or third world country.  He had said that he thought we were an evil entity that stole what it had gotten rather than achieved greatness, does this sound like a president that you would vote for..?  Well, if you did, he had all this out in the open.  How many of you knew about it before you cast your ballot?  It is up to you to do your own homework.  When you cheat off of the person next to you, only you can be blamed for the answers being wrong on the test you present.

Will you fail your next test or this time will you study?  Will you stay beholden to a party that doesn't care about you past a single vote... Or, will you search for that individual who has held themselves to a specific set of principles?

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