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Be the change

I have spoken about what is wrong with everything in our leadership in Congress and their Administration but I have only told you what is expected of each person in context of levels of moral expectations.  Now I am going to speak on what actions you should take, how to go about them, how they will benefit you and those you are standing for.

Let us first start by saying that, much like has been said on every conservative radio show, the elected officials  are your employees.  Just like in an employee employer relationship, it is up to us to stay vigilant and and keep tabs on each one of them that is your employee.  Their are easy ways to do this.  Sites that make it simple to keep track of your employees. is a website that evaluates and gauges each individual Congressman and woman and grades them by their representation or lack thereof.  This way you can simply do your homework and get done, saving you time to do other things (like the honey dew list).

Next, you are to take action that makes their lives revolve around you and your life.  You must contact them by email once a month and call them every time their is something you like or disapprove of.  This is the only way they will learn to do what it is you elected them for.  This is a sure fire way to keep a flame under the butts of each individual that has been elected in the offices that represent you.  It is our duty to tell them what we want from them and their offices.  Do not be fooled, they are not your "leadership", you are theirs.

Finally, when election times come around get out and assist in a campaign.  Do not become beholden to a political party, you owe them nothing.  Find an individual you can fully support and get behind.  You need to find someone who stands for your beliefs and has proven to you that they will vote for you.  You don't have to give every last minute to the campaign.  If you can give just a simple 30 to 60 minutes a week to an election, you can make a difference.  By giving up and not voting or assisting in a campaign, they win.  The elected individuals want as little people paying attention and getting involved as possible.  This way they have less people to convince and and they can get away with their lies.

So, please get involved and make a difference.  Be the change you want to see until you finally see it.  It is time to get up, stop feeling sorry about this and that and the other, and get involved.  Do the best thing for you, for your country, for your kids.  Do what you expect others to do for you.  They won't do it for you.  Get out and be the change. 

2 Comments to Be the change:

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Dan Gray on Sunday, January 11, 2015 11:24 PM
Good stuff, John! That will definitely DO... For a START!
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Russell on Monday, January 12, 2015 1:06 AM
Need to train tthepolitions to follow this one
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