Greg Hall and the deception in West Virginia
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Greg Hall and the deception in West Virginia

My name is Greg Hall, I am the President/C.E.O. of E.M.T. Properties, Inc . I reside in the County Of Jefferson, West Virginia. As some would say, " I'm just a true West Virginian trying to make a honest living.  However, I am concerned now for my family, myself and other investors who put their trust and life savings with me". My wife and I were in Real Estate (rental properties). At one point we owned several L.L.C.'s in the Clarksburg WV area as well as a few cities within a 30 minute range. We have been in business for nearly eleven years.  If I can have a few minutes of your time, what I can show you will "astound you".

      Approximately eight years ago, our Constitutional Rights were violated by those that were elected to enforce order.  We are in a state believed to have a cancerous corruption growing from local to state offices, from the city council persons, to the Mayor, certain Judges and other State officials.  A city council in the State Of West Virginia with no one to stop them would sometimes brag in the Pittsburgh Gazette newspaper about there successes, the City of Clarksburg and it's elected officials continued to both condemn and demolish several more properties.  Most people probably question how an American city could become so corrupt but I have all the documentation to stand by this. From previous Mayors not paying taxes on properties they illegally condemned only to purchase later, to city code officers that were never licensed to do inspections that would lead to the demolitions of peoples property and homes.

      Several code officers started to put what was thought to be random NOV's (Notice Of Violations) on several of our properties. As we began to do repairs on them diligently, the NOV's became more frequent. Sometimes going from one every few weeks to several in a week. NOV's then escalated by the city code officials and chief code officers. They became Condemnation orders on most properties and in some incidents they would Condemn with Demolition in the same visit.  Sometimes suggesting they were called to "verify a complaint" giving them permission to go onto the property without the presences or permission of the owner leaving a placard a Condemnation With Demolition Order. This would, at times, force tenants out to find a new home sometimes in as little as three days or less.  This also has displaced some to live on the streets during the cold winter season, to include some veterans and their families.

           The city would suggest that you had time to appeal their decisions at an appeal board called the "BOCA Board" (Board Of Contractors Association) which is appointed by the same corrupt city officials. Then, Clarksburg would apply for a loan with West Virginia Housing Development Fund under false pretenses, stating that they acquired our properties by fair market value or eminent domain. The lender then would give them a loan to demolish the house. The City of Clarksburg would then tare down the house and apply a lien to your property while you were stuck with just a vacant lot. Then you would have taxes to pay and grass to cut with no generated income. While this happens to you over and over on several properties, you become bankrupt or nearing it. Thus, allowing you to have no money or funds to be able to fight against it. One would think that this is a mere act of "Taking Of One's Property Without Just Compensation". Matter of fact, I have never seen one penny from any of my properties that the City of Clarksburg has ever demolished or condemned.

      These code officials were later found to be without a license and deemed not qualified for these actions on peoples property by the State Fire Marshall's office in Charleston, WV only after John Zangaro the Director of Operation Constitution (an online informational and media site) stepped in and began investigating individuals. The city of Clarksburg would begin this racketeering/criminal behavior in 2007 until over 400 homes were demolished within the city limits and the Virginia's State Attorney Generals Office stepped in and put a " Cease & Desist Order" after coming down with the FBI to investigate these matters.

       Furthermore, myself and other landlords/homeowners civil rights were violated in such ways as harassment and threats by code officers, police officers and other officials from Clarksburg area. We are out of options at this point and are reaching out at a critical time, investors are infected by the City of Clarksburg, WV government. Hopefully we will hear from the public and mainstream media soon, I know it can make a big difference in our situation. Even with the FBI here on a week long raid to investigate this situation, no one has called this a story that is worth discussing on the "big news".   With reporters in fear of the backlash from politicians and those with influence, they have written little to nothing that would be of any service to what has occurred. We are strapped and can go no further in our careers until all court proceedings are completed in Federal, West Virginia Supreme Court and Harrison County Circuit Court.

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Fire Marshall on Friday, October 30, 2015 1:22 AM
West virginia is a nice place. Thanks for the details !
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