The Rainbow, were taking it back.
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The Rainbow, were taking it back.

We the People have sat back long enough and stood by while the Bible has been bastardized and the Church has made a mockery of itself, from the "so called Baptists" in Florida to the Catholic church in all their scandals.  The politicians so-called "political correctness" has contributed to the idea that we, as Christians, do not have the right nor the will to stand up for what it is we believe in.  After all, the Bible is the oldest history book that has never been proven wrong.  Yet, we have been told that it is all up for interpretation.  What is to be interpreted when it is clearly written out in black and white?  I am pretty sure that everything in life is made to seem more difficult than it should be.  Yet, life is purely simple and we are the ones who overly complicate things.

In the history book known as the Bible, there is a story of Noah and the Ark.  We have all heard of this story no matter what religion we may profess or even if  we claim none at all.  If we allow something in the Bible to become mis-inturpreted, yet choose to do nothing about it, what does that make us as keepers of Gods word?  We must uphold the truth in more ways than one.

People have taken the idea and symbol of the rainbow and made it into something that symbolizes the homo-sexual culture.  This is not a thing to be proud of nor should someone use the symbol God gave to us as an eternal promise.  His promise was that he would never destroy the entire civilization on Earth again by way of flood.  This is known as a holy covenant.  Still, political correctness says we are not allowed to proclaim the word of God as truth.  

What kind of world denies the truth?  What is it they fear from the "TRUTH"?  It is sad that each and everything written about word of God has been destructively used to lie about what is and isn't.  We can not expect to have any mention of a moral society if all the morals have been removed and we are not allowed to call bad, bad and good, good.  The truth being removed only leaves lies to live by and a world corrupted by such lies will devour itself. 

There are people who profess that man lying with man or woman with woman is not wrong even if they do not acknowledge sin.  However; they have taken a symbol of God, yes the very same God they deny or denounce.  How do they treat the ideas of Christ or the followers thereof?  They trample on the beliefs and understanding of the written Holy Book.  The Bible straightened that the rainbow was a symbol of his promise to all Mankind. It doesn't end with rainbows, no it also says that marriage is for one man and one woman.  In the Holy Book it also says, that man was made for woman and vise versa.   Yet the culture of society says they are being "tolerant" and we should be too.  You ask me, tolerance stinks and sounds like a way to stomp on morals and destroy a just and peaceful society from the inside out.

By redefining words, it gains to understand, no word has a set and just meaning.  Any word can mean anything.  How would you like to read, "red shay place hark transmitter slaybell stinkfly concrete applesauce"?  Did you understand that last sentence..?  Well, how do you expect us to understand a world without defined morals any better than that sentence?  Since we can not trust that man can set a pure unadulterated set of morals where should we turn to find them?  The Bible!  I think it is time we take back the rainbow.  The rainbow, the morals, and our society.  Hands off politicians and your political correctness, it is not yours.

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