Net Neutrality
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Net Neutrality

"Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user."  The quote is from the site linked here:

Would you consider now, that you would have to pay the same rate for your internet as a large company that uses the amount similar to that of Netflix?  Would you consider this to be "fair" treatment?  Why should we entrust the government with even more power.  Would this not then give them the access to limit or regulate the freedom of speech, much like the FCC already does for the radio..?

The fact of the matter is the Federal Government will become empowered over any and all things to do with the Internet and the Federal Government is anything but Neutral.
The internet gives us all the open and true availability to a limitless freedom of speech.  At this time, no one can regulate what is said, shared or placed on the inter-webs.  This allows for the most information sharing ever known in history.  We have anything, questions answered, items purchased, and more all at our finger tips.  Now, will we slight yet another liberty or will we find ourselves finally saying enough?

Who here doesn't remember, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor"?  We have been told lies about every government regulation, promise and office since the early 1900's with Woodrow Wilson with the Federal Income Tax and the FED.  Then followed up by Social Security with F.D. Roosevelt promising every last American that this money will never be used for anything other than what it is being put away for, "It will be put away in a lock box and not be touched until you need it", we were told.  Even Glenn Beck, who has nothing to loose but everything to gain by net neutrality has been out spoken and adamantly against this idea and was quoted by The as saying,“It’s minorly about taxes. They’ll come after you with taxes on everything,”

So will we relinquish yet another freedom for a known false promise, turning yet another blind eye to those who have only absolute power in mind?  Or will we decide that we will not waiver this time and stand in one loud boisterous voice and say, "Another regulation on our Liberty will not suffice", "Another Tax will not be stolen out of the pockets who work so hard to earn for the dollar".

This is another albatross around the necks of Lady Liberty and those who love her so very dearly.  Even certain Billionaire Tycoons, such as Mark Cuban agreed by saying to the Inquisitr, "As far as the FCC regulating the web, the Dallas Mavericks owner added that “Having them overseeing the internet scares the sh*t out of me.  We must become informed and can not allow the Social Media of the habitual lies from the network and cable News to become our source of what is and is not so.   The fact of the matter is the Federal Government will become empowered over any and all things to do with the Internet and the Federal Government is anything but Neutral.  The final vote on this law is coming soon and it is up to you to call your Federal Reps. and Senators to tell them, they answer to you and you say, "NO" to Net Neutrality!

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