"Selfishness" has dosed America with a lethal injection of fatal ignorance
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"Selfishness" has dosed America with a lethal injection of fatal ignorance

Harry Reid squared off with Mitch McConnell, in the Senate yet again and the only ones who lost were "We the People".  When it comes to the immigration issue, it seems as though (R) and (D) are one and the same.  It has been a tiring pursuit attempting to get a majority in the House and then in the Senate so that the Republicans can stop the unconstitutional issues that Obama and his Administration have been causing.  Now that the "so called" fiscally responsible group is in-charge, we should expect some changes in the Congress, right?  Nope!  Yet again, the people have been fooled.  Sen. McConnell pulled a fast one on the people of the United States by getting them to believe that change was in order, all they had to do was vote Republican.  Since the Senate power was transferred to the Republicans this last election, Sen. Reid has still been giving the orders. 

With immigration soon in full swing, we the tax paying, law abiding citizens can look forward to more illegals mooching off our hard work.  Although, no where in the Constitution does it state that those without citizenship will triumph over those with it, when it comes to gaining access to the Congressional attention.  Per the law, "We the People" should be the main and only concern they have.  Once this new immigration action (we can not technically call it a law) takes effect, it then turns immigration into migration. 

With no more boarders to secure our Nation, both terrorists and citizens from other countries alike  will enter (much like they currently are) and we will have no recourse to tell the difference between the two.  Michael Cutler, previously an I.N.S. agent and currently a writer with many online elements such as michaelcutler.net,was on the radio with Gunther on Friday the 6th of March and stated "Documents are just as important as weapons to a terrorist".  He pointed out that during the 9-11 attacks, the terrorists were able to walk right in without being investigated and this allowed them all the access those who are currently entering are being granted.  If their is an issue that could bring a Progressive like him and a Constitutionalist like myself together, it would be immigration.

He is right though, with the boarders being opened the way they are, any person can come through at any given time without issue, proven by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.  So, why are we even having the debate in Congress about paying for boarder security while they are not securing the boarders?  John McCain and John Boehner have decided it will be easier to fool you, the tax payer, than do the right thing and appose this immigration situation.  One of McCain's trusted advisers has gotten with the Speaker and constructed ads that lie to America and suggest that we should support the boarder funding since it is backed by conservative principals.  When, in-fact, it uses our tax money to pay the federal workers to do nothing but hand out green cards and give access to our earned tax credit to those who broke laws and come here with intent to live outside the construct of our legal system.
Yes, you heard correctly, the earned income tax credit, will soon not just be distributed amongst those who broke our laws, but they will receive back pay.  Some even expected to receive up-wards of $30,000.  All this, while the IRS hunts you, the legal citizen, down to pay off the Federal Mafia called the Government.  Even Veterans are being made to pay traffic tickets while the illegal aliens are allowed to roam freely.  I guess when it is your family in the next building hit by an Airplane or blown up by an explosive, then you will pay attention, but not until then.  Unfortunately, the citizens of American are too interested in "what's coming my way", "I got mine" and "It ain't my problem" to pay attention to anything this unimportant...  

Go watch your sports games or whatever distraction you choose and ignore the dangers lurking at yours, and your families door.  When your children are off on a school field trip to New York City or a public zoo and you hear they are to be targeted in the next terrorist attack, it will be too late then and only you will be to blame.  When our National Debt. grows by leaps and bounds and their are even less jobs for less money and more diseases do to those who have not been vaccinated entering our nation at every boarder.  Only you will be to blame for letting the Congressmen and women get away with this.  Only you will be to blame for not finding time to pay attention to the current issues while they can still matter.

After all, we would not have had Ebola, or the current Measles outbreaks without these bad policies being implemented by Obama and the White House.  These issues would had never arisen if those in Congress were doing their jobs.  But, much like any worker, they only work if the boss is watching after them.  So, watch after them.

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