The MLK Hoax and the Government decite
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The MLK Hoax and the Government decite

Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. gave his entire life, devoted to one thing. The projection of what the Bible teaches to be implemented in action daily by each and every individual. "Judge not a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character". Not but a small time after he was killed, the Government brought a Bill before LBJ to sign, that did the very thing he preached against. We now, every business and every place you file paperwork, asks the color of your skin rather than the content of your character. We now must have a certain ratio of ethnic groups in places like police and fire departments rather than the right person for the job to appease the Government rule over the racial divide. So much for what Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. Of course, if you saw him shot and then everything move in the exact opposite way that his and the Bible's teachings.  As-well, everyone get all happy about it. I think I would have done the same as his colleagues, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton too...jump ship and get out of dodge and back the bigger dog in the park (the government).  Big Government - Bigger Manipulations.

Since the time of the MLK movement, the government has reprogrammed the idea that it is the Democrats that in-fact gave rights to the minority individuals, when Since the time of Lincoln it was quite the opposite.  Instead, they have only encamped those who were once slaves under their own people in Africa into an entirely new type of slavery and in such a way they crave for more of it.  "This can not be", "You are racist".  I am sure I would be told if you were in front of me.  But, how then do you call them, the minority or down trodden, anything but slaves.  When you must get permission to do everything from eat, house, medical and more due to the fact you are unwilling/ unable to fend for ones self.  Would this not meet the criteria for slavery? 

The family has taken the toll, the job markets have been flooded over with new immigrants and the once prominent minority (the Black or African American) is now the old toy on the shelf.  The new minority of choice is the Hispanic and Muslim.  These ethnicity's are coming over in droves and we are told the same love story- double speak we have heard for years.  So, I ask you, "when will we become a community again", "when will we learn that the Government doesn't hand out goodies to anyone for free"?   You must first vow your devoted and unwavering loyalty or your goody bag will be stricken...  Hmm, sounds like slavery to me. 

But, Education doesn't allow for the learning skills to be taught and the ability to become a self made person is becoming harder and harder.  While the divide from middle class and all the others become greater due to the functions of the ever growing Government.  The ways to make an honest living, especially after taxes, becomes more and more difficult.  Not just for the Black man but for every man, woman and child.  The biggest difference is that found between the over regulating bureaucrats and the lacking of the church in the communities.  This makes for the perfect storm.  It is up to us to kill this racial vendetta that the government uses to fool us all into fighting, so that we are too busy to see the magic trick the magician is performing in the offices of the elected and appointed officials.  And as long as we are willing to take the bate, we will never learn nor be able to, as MLK said, judge anyone on the content of their character.  Because, no one will know what it means to have any.

Director Zangaro   

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Frank Jack Fiamingo on Sunday, March 29, 2015 8:42 AM
Well said, John. The sad truth has to be told.
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Bill Blanca on Wednesday, August 03, 2016 9:17 AM
Hey there, due to the weather being awful today so I chose to give work a miss and surf the internet instead, it was actually a quite exceptional event to have checked out your website. I just needed to congratulate you for the quality of your work and to send you the best of luck with it as you advance going forward. It was nice to surf your site and I will probably be stopping by again before long to find exactly how you are faring. Cheers and I shall definitely see you here again soon - Bill Blanca

Sarahi Albir on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 3:25 PM
Hello I just thought I would tell you that I enjoyed browsing your web site and to wish you all the best with it in the coming years - Sarahi Albir

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