The corruption that looms
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The corruption that looms

We have forgotten the rules of liberty and freedom.  As such we are now reaping the rewards of our fruit.  As the Bible says, "you will reap that which you sew" 
,well harvest has come and it is time to gather our fruits.  It is unfortunate that the fruits in-which we have grown are also sour.  We only have ourselves to blame and with the blinders we have chosen to wear I have great doubts that we will ever get back on track.  Here are just some highlights that are easy to follow.  For those who are to busy to read, you will appreciate this most of all.

Video and audio files available below:  SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE
The Blaze and the Grover Norquist is found as the last video on the bottom

We have had Grover Norquist, ousted by Glenn Beck and "the Blaze" proving his involvement in shading back room dealings with those in world terrorism.  No matter your feelings on Glenn or the Blaze, it is the truth that all should seek and as such we should take in the information just the same and then evaluate it for ourselves.  Grover is/ was a major player in what many believed to be great things for this country.  For political junkies, he was the "do no harm" kind of person that seemed to, on the big scene, push for Smaller Government.  Standing against Cronyism and the Liberal agenda.  It, however, has recently come to light that he may have been only doing a magic trick, and was indeed in bed with all that he was once seen as fighting against.

by leaving those who are killing us in charge of also protecting us, we are surely signing our own death warrant.

In Pennsylvania, the Attorney General, Kathleen Kane has been caught working behind the scenes, in what is believed to be an illegal capacity, to overthrow political opponents.  Yet, even with all the evidence to provide proof of such things, Governor Wolf is backing her (after all, it was his opponent that she is believed to have acted against).  With this much power within the lines of corruption, they have been able to present their deeds right out in the open to the public and more than likely will not be punished for their deeds.  Yet, another proof of the labors and fruits.

or you can click the link below to hear more on the issue

Obama, Holder, Clinton, Bush, and so on...  

Bush; the Patriot Act, No child left behind, the taxes and more...

Clinton; the cover up of those murdered in Benghazi and then the wrongful allegations of the video causing the outrage.  Then she and the Administration having this very same man locked up and muzzled.  Next, she refused to discuss the issues and made light of them when in the many Congressional hearings.  After resigning from Sec. of State, she had been caught evading Congressional oversight by deleting her computer server, she has yet to have been charged with any crime.

Holder; was complicit in nearly every illegal act the White House Administration has had their hand into and more since his becoming the Federal Attorney General.  From Fast and Furious, to the cover up of the records from the IRS, Benghazi and more...  Also, inciting riots during the Zimmerman case in Florida.  After that, providing support for Michael Brown, who was a known to have a rap sheet that includes- Assault on a police officer, theft and intimidation (these may not be formal charges but were found in evidence during the investigation)

Obama; has been known for all the above (to include advancing Bushes bad decision by loading them with Bureaucratic steroids) and attacking the Constitutional Rights of each and every citizen under Section 1 of the Constitution and nearly the entire Bill of Rights. 
He has been found either attacking or attempting to make a move on the following- 
Our First Amendment (a) Freedom of Speech: in too many ways to list them all, but one is using the NSA to intimidate our media into becoming complicit by not apposing him and his administration.
(b) Freedom of Religion: in expanding that which he once sat in-front of the entire nation and committed in a speech that marriage is a sanctity of holy union under God Almighty.  Then, has threatened and used courts to attack the states that stand up for such rights.
(c) Freedom of the Press:  From the expansion of Net Neutrality and the powers of the FCC.  to much much more....

These are only few of what has happened recently under the watch of the new generations.  Each having their hand in either choosing to remain blind, deaf and dumb about these issues or voting for those that have assisted in writing, maintaining or covering up one or more of these violations to our Liberties.   How can we expect that this nation will be able to provide us, even more so, our children and their children with the same safety and freedoms our parents had while growing up..?

The boarders have been opened to terrorists and we have been told to be tolerant to the cause.  Did these very actions not get us attacked on 9-11 or have we already dis-guarded that with all sanity and love for our nation?   Have we become so "P.C." that we feel to tolerate is more important that to protect?  I would hope that everyone would understand that we are now choosing to tolerate to death and by leaving those who are killing us in charge of also protecting us, we are surely signing our own death warrant.

It has been long enough, we can no longer leave open boarders or allow NY Governors to exceed the expiration date of their wrong deeds.  When Gov. Cuomo can get away with covering up extreme corruption in his state and still, after all the proof and evidence was given out to the public, remain in office after an election- we should know we are truly in sincere trouble and moral turbulence.  These things can not be ignored.  Each, political offices and their deeds, either one, serves to protect you and your rights or hurt each or both.

These videos below show only some of the corruption discussed in the above.

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Benghazi Video Maker, Falsely Accused, Sentenced To 1 Year In Prison
Film maker goes to jail for one year after Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton falsely accuse his video of causing the terror attack on the Benghazi US Consulate. This is not the property of Operation Constitution

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
CBS Covers Cuomo Corruption Scandal
This is not the property of Operation Constitution

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Clinton on talking points: 'What difference at this point does it make?'
Hillary Clinton on Jan. 23, 2013. This is not the property of Operation Constitution

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
After News Media called Zimmerman a Racist Killer, Enhanced Police Video Shows Injuries On George Zimmerman's Head later proving to be the key to his innocents in self-defense
Even after this evidence, people chose to ignore the truth and deny Zimmermans innocents- This is not the property of Operation Constitution

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Jay Sekulow on 700 Club About IRS Attacking Tea Party Groups
Jay Sekulow on 700 Club discusses the IRS's violation of the First Amendment rights of Tea Party groups. The IRS is using its position to scare Tea Party Groups into silence by intimidation. This is not the Property of Operation Constitution

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Show: Glenn Beck and Grover Norquist Finally Face Off in Lengthy Battle over Muslim Ties
For years, pundit Glenn Beck has accused conservative Grover Norquist of having sympathies towards radical Muslim elements. For the first time ever, Norquist came onto the show to address those rumors... This is not the property of Operation Constitution



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