Homo-Sexual Marriage Petiton
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Homo-Sexual Marriage Petiton

American Christian Constitutional Liberty Amendment Petition
We as American Christians have been under fire since the moment we stated our belief of Religious Liberty in the 1700’s and before.  As such, we have been one to stand and fight through the trials and tribulations that have stood against both us and our beliefs.  The very beliefs that we presented as the breath, the very word of our God.  We have proven to stay firm in the Doctrine throughout and have been opposed in every turn and path we have taken to live our lives.  We have not subjected our rule of law under the Biblical text over every citizen of the United States but rather built a nation that was understood and comfortable for all whom choose to live freely here. 
Now, once again, we are being asked, rather told that we are to uphold something that goes against the very teachings of our faith.  As before, we are now looking to become oppressed by a tyrannical authoritarian government, much like the one that we had fled from prior to the building of this nation.  The laws that we so clearly stated once, now have become blurred in the favor of attacking our Biblical beliefs and our religious rights.  Never before in the history of this nation have we found our government so opposed to the rule of moral law.  The few are gaining a strong-hold over the many, since the many refuse to stand against the persecution.  It is time, now or never, for us to stand together no matter the title of faith we hold.  We must now come out amongst the streets and let it be known that we will not fall for their failed rule nor will we stand behind their flawed ideals.   
Christians of all titles and denominations, Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Protestants, Presbyterians, and others of the Calvin and Mormon faiths, those of the non-religious titles as-well.  If you do not notice that this recent event and decision that has come down from the Supreme Courts on the right of homo-sexual marriage has to do with you and your right to believe as you so freely choose, then you are not looking closely enough at what is happening directly before your eyes.  As you may or may not agree with the idea that people have the right to choose whoever they might love, this is not the same thing.  This now impedes upon the rights of the faithful.  Mandating the decision of the Court to be the only choice given to those of faith.  It now restrains society from the practice of such faith and shackles those from practicing what was once an understood right stated by the 1 Amendment.  As such; the 1 Amendment no longer stands since the very right of “Religious Practice” has been denied per Court/s rulings over the past few years (see the shop owners who denied to perform certain provisions due to the Biblical faith) and as so ruled the courts on them, so shall the courts rule over all from hereon.
It is up to us to stand and speak out, publically against this action that has been forced upon our culture.  We have already seen the both short and long term effects of such a ruling, by the Supreme Court when they imposed upon “We the People” the right to murder innocent babies while still in the womb of their mothers and had the audacity to call it “choice”.  Are we now going to just sit by and let this occur once again in our beloved nation?  Is there not one out there with the strength to speak out against this atrocity?  If it is tolerance you choose to hide behind, it is time you recall that even Jesus stood face to face, whipping and yelling at those who dared to do wrong in his father’s house while flipping over tables and loosing the coin of the retched all while calling them “Vipers”.  In such of the same manner, we too should not allow this to stand and we should call those out who dare to destructively eliminate a fundamental foundation of our society.  It is not up to the courts to decide that which “We the People” had voted on, on a State by State basis (as prescribed by the 10 Amendment).  Nor, was it ever the intention of the Courts (in the beginning) to have the power to do such things to a steadfast religious right.
We call upon you now to gather the signatures of those within your congregation and have them state their faith loudly in opposition to this ruling.  After all, it is up to us Mothers and Fathers, Pastors and Priests, Deacons and Elders, and more so the very veterans that swore to up-hold and defend the Constitution against both foreign and domestic.  After all, we must do more that blog and email how we feel.  We must get out amongst the crowds and preach until we are heard.
We as Christians, as Americans will not allow this ruling of the Supreme Courts (announced the 26 of June 2015) on Homo-sexual Marriage to stand.  Marriage is a religious right and is protected under the 1 Amendment (the right to the freedoms of Speech, Free Press and Free Practice of Religion).  As such, we respectfully refuse to adhere to this ruling and will not participate in the advancement of said law/s.  We will oppose any such cases that are deemed to advance the cultural right over the moral one and will firmly stand steadfastly as a pillar of truth and Religious Freedom.  I sign here below now, to prove in a written announcement that I will not be restricted nor restrained by such laws that choose to impede upon my God Given Rights as stated by our founding fathers documents that secured such liberties for each and every American citizen.  I choose to stand on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ and will not bow to the immoral practices that were decided over me by the unconstitutional ruling by the Supreme Court.    

Thank you and God Bless

Please print this and have it signed, then send a copy to me by calling the number on the contact us page.

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