Elections, illegals and boarder security... Your being punked!
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Elections, illegals and boarder security... Your being punked!

Elections, illegals and boarder security...
Your being punked!

Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California are the southern boarder states that allow a majority of the illegal aliens into our country.  Project Veritas, however, has proven that our boarders are porous on both the northern and southern ends.  We have taken issue with the financial aspects of the consumed debt brought by those illegally entering our country.  Yet, we have blindly expected our securities to keep our nation safe against those who wish to do harm to our countrymen.  We find more and more sanctuary cities allowing for aliens to live without threat of deportation.   All the while, we have paid for and passed the funding of the building of a wall on the southern border. 
President Bush and the Republican Party has made and broken promises about securing our borders.  Mean while, the Democratic Party hides behind the cloak of deceit as they too push to allow criminals to enter into our country illegitimately.  Rather than either party doing anything to secure our country, they push for PACs to ask for money for a purpose they never intend to execute.  Exchanging blows on the national networks as if they are not working in concordance with one-an-other in the occasion to dupe the American people out of more of their money.  Each PAC knows that they will cease to exist if the boarder finally is secured and as such, they will loose any future funds.  Would you believe that they would not do as they promise to secure our boarders only to justify securing their own futures and their jobs?  It would be counter intuitive for these organizations to succeed in the areas they market against. 
 After all, these organizations supply jobs that provoke emotions across the nation and sends money into D.C. through lobbying that reaches upwards of the billions every year.  When would the Congress men and women vote to see something through that would lighten their personal financial accounts?  Only showing that they are ensured to work directly with the PACs to oppose the “issue”, whatever it may be, by sharing the blame and keeping the people’s hate and focus split between multiple targets rather than allowing it to directly focus on any one for too long.  Ensuring the existence of the lying politician, the greedy lobbyists and the hoax each of them promise.
Meanwhile; we are so fixated on the southern boarder, everyone in our nation has taken their eyes off of the practically wide open northern boarder.  As James O’Keefe with Project Veritas has proven, anyone can make it into our country from Canada with little to no scrutiny.  Dressed as an Isis operative, with bags that looked to be carrying bloody rags during the Ebola outbreak, James made it into American from Canada in just a row boat in the middle of the day during one of the sunniest days of the year.  Without being stopped once or assessed by any agency as being a threat.  If this is all the better that our National and Border Security does to keep our nation free from terrorist attacks, should it not be considered that each state might have a better ability to complete the tasks to secure our borders than the federal government? 
While illegal aliens come in and eat away at our financial stability, they receive empathy by congress and laws are deflected to ensure their comfort.  Even though each tax paying, law abiding citizen’s cries are ignored.  Our schools, hospitals, and communities are being diminished and broken over this issue.   Our own politicians refuse to see the problem as what it is and suggest they are doing the humane thing for those entering our country, even if it is at the expense of those electing them.  This is why the politicians and lobbyist’s in D.C. are trying to redefine illegal aliens as “undocumented workers” and they are pushing for a pathway to citizenship.  Meanwhile, the T-Party is being called racists for trying to stand for the security of the country and each individual who has to endure the failed decisions of the politics.  Democrats need those who are ignorant, greedy or on welfare to grow in numbers in order to gain support from voters.  Just as, the Republicans too need those who are ignorant in believing- “there are jobs that Americans just won’t do”, all the while our unemployment numbers would suggest otherwise.
Once again, we are looking towards an election where at first the media attempted to hide the heinous fact that more criminals are entering illegally.  Bringing the number of drugs, rape and murder skyrocketing wherever they go.  Yet those in the GOP, after being forced to discuss it, give the same rhetoric as each of their predecessors.  Who here would believe that anything is going to change no matter who is elected?  After all, not that long ago, Trump had suggested that he agreed with the Clinton’s and Bush’s on their comprehensive immigration reform, otherwise known as open boarder policy.  However; being that he has been in the media business for sometime and has watched how Obama has secured his base behind every lie, he now uses buzz words to drive a force to prop him and his campaign upon that refuses to consider that he might be lying to gain more power via- access to the Presidential Office.  Who can we trust to secure our borders then?  It is up to each and every one of us to do our due diligence and find that person.  We should not expect that the media would represent them with air time nor should we think they will be given contributions from large boarder security PACs or have the backing of the National Industrial Complex.  It is up to you to find them.

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