Dr. Ben Carson Presidential candidate. Media bias and manipulation or just fear?
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Dr. Ben Carson Presidential candidate. Media bias and manipulation or just fear?

After the many years we have had to deal with Obama leading this nation down the tubes all due to the media admittedly lacking in a proper vetting.  Not long after, we found indisputable evidence along with admittance's from the very people in the media on their rolls of covering up, lies and long time deceit.  Yet again, here they are attempting to decide who will be the next national leader for each and every one of us.  It seems as though they are attempting to steer us toward a Donald vs. Hillary ticket.  We must ask ourselves, why are they so afraid of Ben Carson?  Those in the networks such as CNN have been all over the television attempting to trash the name of an individual that has given his life doing nearly impossible surgeries that would save many children.  Because of Dr. Ben Carson a great number of families are able to now spend many more holidays with their kids.  These would be the very same kids who are now able to grow and become the future of our nation, thanks to Ben.

While Obama was running in 2008, reporters noted that they “barely know the man”, while it was nearing the end.  David Brooks, a liberally noted conservative writer for one of the most liberal newspapers, also suggested that he was proven to be “truly presidential” due to the way his suit was pressed.  If the media was so willing to allow that Obama was going to receive a free pass, we must ask ourselves “why” and “why not anyone else”?  After all, the sentiment was that since Obama was black he had to be treated with kid gloves.  Have they learned what kid gloves get us..?  No, I would suggest they have not.   It seems that they believe it is their media so they get to tell what they want, how they want.  After all, “People will believe what the media tells them to believe.”- George Orwell.
Every news station for months has been toting Donald Trump as the one and only “outsider” that stands a chance in winning the Presidency.  They have called on his pizzazz and have spoken on how business savvy he is.  Yet you have heard very little about the loss he has taken in the business community and the times he had to file for bankruptcy more than once.  They seem to conveniently leave out the facts of how embedded he has become in the Democratic Party and that many of his ideas are very progressive and not conservative at all.  Donald seems to have many of the short comings of a Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders followed up with a charisma of a, well, Donald Trump.   He has learned how to gain ratings and with this learned how to use his words to grow his following.  Where as, someone like a Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz or a Ben Carson has the “up in your face proof that they are who they claim to be”.
Ben Carson has become an overnight phenomenon after he stood up to the current corruption in the White House during a prayer dinner.  He has been tested through the fire of being poor and having nothing.  As well, Dr. Carson has polished himself with the learned education of medical science and was able to grow his career into one that even a majority of Doctors would refer a “dream career”.  He has taken a straight forward approach that has been hammered by the press as an immature approach to politics.  Yet, this is what we hear everyone screaming they want.  From the so called “We the People” crowd to the three percenters to those who are tired of the rich receiving handouts from the hard earned tax dollars of every working individual, we have found one thing that unites each group.  Everyone seems to want a honest person that has not been bought and would do the “RIGHT THING” for our country, if placed in our White House to lead.  Since the media can not portray Dr. Carson as a bad person or dishonest, they seem to bash on the lacking of political background in his resume.  But, could anyone honestly suggest that he is not smart enough to learn what it is he needs to?  For those things that he can not learn in the time given, he could fill his circle with the right people who do? 

By and by, we have seen that the media will deceive the people of our country to do their bidding.  We can no longer trust that they will give us a true and honest report.  We must find the truth ourselves.  After all, from the Benghazi scandals to the cover up on the Clinton servers to the false reports on rape that was reported as truth.  From the Rolling Stones to CNN and NBC we have seen time and time again lies and misreporting.  The media has taken for granted the trust of the American people and it is time the American people reciprocate with no longer allowing our vote to be bought and our trust no longer being handed out like free fliers during a campaign.  The voter must know what it is they want out of a candidate and stand firm on their principals rather than believing polls that the media can manipulate.  Without the voters having conviction first, how can we expect the candidates they choose to have any once in office?

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