Paul Rizzo for Congress- Pennsylvania 15th District
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Paul Rizzo for Congress- Pennsylvania 15th District

Paul Rizzo

1:  What position and party are you running for.  Is this position a Local Level, State Level or a Federal Level?
I am running for the Pennsylvania 15th congressional district as a Libertarian candidate.
2:  Why are you running?
I am running because I believe the career politicians in Washington no longer represent they're voting constituents.
3:  What is it that you hope to accomplish once in office?
I would like to first get our federal spending under control end foreign wars and protect our civil liberties.
4:  What makes you a better candidate than your opponent?
The founding fathers made it pretty clear that politics is not a career. They envisioned people from the public sector serving their country and then returning to the private sector. I believe I bring that to the table I have been in the telecommunications industry for 25 years and know what it is to work for a living. I think I understand the needs of my constituents better because I live it day to day. Making sure I have enough money to pay my bills and support my family has given me the insight that I believe is missing in Washington to help lead the country.
5:  Who do you lean on the most for your strength and morals?
I look to my wife and kids for my strength, and my morals came from how my parents raised me.
6:  What are your thoughts on the countries politically speaking?  How would you change it?
The partisan gridlock in Washington is a problem and is one of the reasons why I am running for office. For too long a two-party system has had a stranglehold on our political process. I believe the only way to move forward in this country is to start by minimizing the two party system. If elected I will work with both sides. When this country was founded, the founding fathers had no political affiliation; their loyalty was to the people, not the party. I envision that a coalition government would serve the people better. It would provide the checks and balances needed if more third party and independents won elected office.
7:  Can you explain your personal views about our Constitution?
I believe the Constitution is the bedrock of our country. The founding fathers took great pains to craft this political document that protects our civil liberties and establishes the rule of law.
8:  Can you tell us what Liberty means to you?
Liberties definition is quite simple to me. Liberty is the definition of living your life your way. You can be who you want to be and strive for personal wealth without conditions. There should be no government interference as long as you do not infringe the rights of others
9:  What is your thoughts on our current Education Policies?
I believe a good education system is Paramount. Federal regulations that control our education system have stifled innovation.  I think they use federal money grants with conditions that do not necessarily have the localities best interest at heart. Control should be at the state level, having said this the Department of Education has been a failure and needs to be reviewed for some of its practices.
10:  What are your thoughts on the current Tax Policies? 
       both State and Federal
I believe there is a lot of taxation without representation on both the State and Federal level very similar to what the founding fathers fought against. The only way to get power back to the people is to start taking some of the power away from bureaucrats to tax. When this happens big money that all look for tax loopholes that only benefit them not voter will get out of politics.
11:  What are your thoughts on the NDAA?
The NDAA act is in my opinion unconstitutional the Fifth Amendment prohibits private citizen of life liberty or property without due process of law. What are the stipulations? It seems to me the government can decide anyone is a combatant. This law takes away the citizens right to have a trial if they are deemed an enemy of the state, but the underlying facts are the same it changes the relationship between the government and the citizen.
12:  What are your thoughts on the war against ISIS?
Our foreign policy created ISIS. First, we tried nation building then we tried clandestine regime change. Both have failed we need to bring our troops home and have a dialogue with not only our allies but also our enemies. To see how we can resolve the problems that affect so many. We cannot be the policeman of the world. We have lost too many lives and too much treasure.
13:  How do you feel about restrictions on the 2nd Amendment/ Gun Rights?
I'm against restrictions on the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment not only protects us and our homes it also protects us from a tyranny of governments. For too long our government has advocated for what they call gun safety but what I see is a thin guise of gun confiscation. Even if you remove the guns from law-abiding citizens history has shown us that those that wish to do us harm will find a way to acquire them.
14:  The current shootings in America involving civilians and police are being deliberated on a national front.  How do you feel would be the best way to fix this issue?  Why?
I am running for office on the federal level and Crime/police is a local issue. That being said I would recommend  that reevaluating some of our police procedures on the handling of citizens while investigating crime. Like when the use of force in necessary.
15:  What is your biggest political fear if you do not make into office?  Why?
I believe if we don't start putting politicians in office that understand the fiscal situation and are prepared to make appropriate changes to our spending, we will one day live in a third world country.
16:  What types of questions would you ask interviewing the next potential Supreme Court Justice?
I would ask first what are your views on the Second Amendment. I would also ask their opinion on Healthcare and see if they think that it's a tax for Obamacare. Because I believe the current health care law as a federal overreach that needs to be repealed as soon as possible.
17:  What are your views on the recent Supreme Court rulings?
United States v. Texas, No. 15-674
I believe this was a good decision on immigration it stopped the presidential overreach with executive decree. While I do believe that we need to address the immigration problem, it is not up to the president to do a decree to solve it himself - it is the duty of Congress
18:  How do you feel about Roe VS. Wade?  Why?
I believe all life is precious, but I do support Roe v Wade because if we don't give women the right to choose they will make choices that are potentially harmful to their bodies. I would, however, like to add that we should make it easier to protect fetuses by making it easier for adoptions. We could accomplish this by working at the State and Federal levels to make state-to-state adoptions easier.
19:  What are your thoughts on religious issues and issues that pertain to faith?  Why?
The Constitution protects our religious freedom and also stipulates that we should not have church and state combined. I believe that America should continue to be a secular state.
20:  Some people have major distrust towards curtain federal agencies due to over reach and lies to include but not limited to IRS and the FBI, how would you gain the trust of the public while in office? 
As the Libertarian candidate running this year I understand the voters mistrust of these government agencies. The voters can count on me to follow the constitution and protect their civil liberties.
21:  What are your thoughts on the current discussion of Global Warming or Climate Change?
The climate has been changing since the dawn of time. For too long this has become a hot button topic. Politicians and lobbyist collude and negotiate policies that do not have our economy or voters best interest at heart. I don't believe the solution is enacting federal taxes to regulate the environment. Power to control should be given to local and state level as they are the ones that would understand the needs of their local communities.
22:  What are your "BIG THREE"? 
example- If nothing else, what three things would you like to see happen while your in office.
1)     Balanced Budget and Sound Money
2)     Ending Foreign Wars
3)     Protecting our Civil Liberties
23:  What are your thoughts on the current jobs issue?  What would you do to change the market?  
Jobs is the most important issue facing this nation I will advocate for a balanced budget, and by balanced, I mean that government must do away with its automatic spending increases. This will, by itself, put a halt to tax increases.  I advocate for transparency in the budget process.  Too many times we have seen spending with no understanding as to how it came to be.  When elected, I would propose legislation mandating all legislators publishing any spending they put forward for consideration in the budget.  Once we stop with the excess, we can then work on the stabilization of our economy by removing the burdens from businesses.  This will lead to economic growth, and will lead to higher paying jobs being available.  Reviewing current spending to end irrelevant programs that cost too much while not serving the people will, of course, be part of this process.

Please feel free to enter anything more you would like to share.



***please feel free to add any more Q and A's that you would like to have had, please.

Please be sure that you know and understand that all questions are to be answered to the best of your ability and that only the said Candidate running for office is to answer.  Any and all answers are to be truthful and will be reflecting who you are to the public as a public figure.  Any and all comments can and may be posted at anytime as per the wishes of Operation Constitution, where-in the public may see, view and even copy and re-post as they wish.  Their is not an understood limit of privacy on any of these questions and/ or answers.  Any and all misspelling are not an excuse for the information being misrepresented, punctuation and any other incorrect grammar will not be reason for false or erroneous information to be represented here-in.  By filling this out you do here-by submit to be held responsible for any and all answers given.  If there are any further questions you may contact us through the E-mail listed here or you may call us at 570 445 0763.

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