Shawn Patrick - Pennsylvania for 16th Congressional District
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Shawn Patrick - Pennsylvania for 16th Congressional District


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Shawn Patrick - Pennsylvania for 16th Congressional District

1:  What position are you running for.  Is this position a Local Level, State Level or a Federal Level?
16th Congressional District – Pennsylvania
2:  Why are you running?
To be a representative for the people vs the corporations. To be a vocal supporter of recognizing the absolute right of individuals to self cultivate cannabis for their own needs. To put a stop to new hires getting a “taxpayer” funded pension. To be a voice of the people on ending this endless war cycle & policing the world. To prepare the seat for the next Liberty Candidate.
3:  What is it that you hope to accomplish once in office? – Help blue lives matter & black lives matter by calling for an end to Richard Nixons war on drugs. Let our officers focus on predators vs people of color. To set in motion the end of Citizens being fined for not signing up for mandated health insurance. Create greater transparency on our national debt & help reduce it. Help Congress get a hold of their responsibility in coining real money not fiat currency.
4:  What makes you a better candidate than your opponent? I’m not beholden to special interest – I bring the best of the socially inclusive and the best of the financially conservative. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems – problem solving. Networking. I can help empower individuals vs enabling them.
5:  What qualifies you for this position? I am on the ballot, I am of age, I am a small business owner, I’ve been a prophet in the modern day hemp movement since 1997. I am not in it for money or power but to help set the Country back on course to be a Constitutional Republic.
6:  What are your "BIG THREE"?
example- If nothing else, what three things would you like to see happen while your in office. 1. The Federal War on Drugs is ended. 2. We stop taxpayer funded pensions for anyone new getting involved in politics or elected office. 3. We stop funding both sides of Civil Wars happening in the Middle East – 4. We audit the Federal Reserve.
7:  Can you explain your personal views about our Constitution?  - It is enumerated, means what is written vs being interpreted. It’s not a living document. As a contract I didn’t sign it. It is the chains the bind the authority of the Federal Government.
8:  Can you tell us what Liberty means to you? The ability to travel in safety, the ability to have clean water and clean air and the ability to raise my family without being told what and how I should do it. As long as I harm no one it’s my right to do with my body & property what I feel is best for myself or my community. Live & let live.
9:  What is your thoughts on our current Education Policies? It is flawed, run & managed by the Federal Government mandates which have a tendency to dumb “us” down. We aren’t being taught to think, to question to solve problems in unique ways but we are told to memorize forget about classical education and to conform.
10:  What are your thoughts on the current Tax Policies?  Intrusive, Un Constitutional and abusive to people saving for their retirement.
       both State and Federal – We pay taxes that go into a big slush fund vs paying a tax that is specific to a task getting accomplished – Gas taxes should go to infrastructure, roads. It’s insane that someone that has to take money out of their own private IRA has to pay penalties on that. We need as a country to get a hold of our coinage of real money.
11:  How long have you been in politics? – I joined the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania in 1992 – I was Lancaster County Chair in 1993 – I helped manage & run the Brandon Bello Santiago for Mayor in Lancaster (LP) – ditto with John Bucher Herr for County Commissioner (LP) I ran for District Justice in the late 1990’s. I was the Ron Paul Lancaster County Chair in 2008 & 2012.
12:  What are your major accomplishments that you think your constituents would like to know? I was instrumental in Pennsylvania hemp / cannabis being able to be grown here after 20 years – I worked with Senator Folmer in 2007 & have known him sense, I’ve provided advise. I own the Lancaster Trading House, Inc. my company contracts with Pennsylvania bakeries that make Hempzels© Pretzels, Mustard & more, ditto with Natalie’s Choice Granola bars.
13:  How do you feel about restrictions on the 2nd Amendment/ Gun Rights? I’m against them -
14:  What Party do you align yourself with and why? The Libertarian Party – I heard Nancy Lord in the 1990’s on Irv Holmer’s WWDB out of Philly, she was the VP for the LP – I was involved earlier with the John Birch Society understood what was happening in our State Dept but they weren’t doing anything politically. I liked the LP’s Non Aggression Principle and understand why we sign a pledge stating we do not agree in the use of force for social or political goals. I’m a firm volunteerist.
15:  What is your biggest political fear if you do not make into office?  Why? No fear, if I don’t I continue with developing my business – I’m currently the State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. I will always remain vocal.
16:  What are your thoughts on the past four years of this country?  How would you change it? We have been conditioned by fear, coming from our media, politicians and since 911 not many question why we are were we are.
17:  If we were to ask those closest to you  A. who you are and B. how they thought you would do in position your running for?  What do you think would be their answer/s?  A. An activist who is very vocal. B. They want me to win or run for President...Smile
18:  What are your thoughts on the current jobs issue? – we need more in renewable agriculture, we need Govt out of the way so honest people can work & keep more of what they earn. We need to be using competitive currencies and work to maintain the value in our present fiat currency. Jobs are abundant but there is no job security.
19:  What are your thoughts on religious issues and issues that pertain to faith?  Why? Religion needs to stay out of Government, ditto with Corporations. I was baptized Methodist, attend a local Lutheran Church & told my pastor I’m running as a secularist which he was happy to hear. Too many politicians evoke God yet have no respect through their actions of his teachings.
20:  If you could go back and change one thing in this country (one thing, only once) what would it be?  Why? – I would stop Colonel House from convincing Woodrow Wilson that he should agree to the Federal Reserve banking system.
21:  What are your thoughts on the current discussion of Global Warming or Climate Change? I believe it is more climate disruption – man is a great polluter our Government and other Governments are the worse – we should not be subsidizing polluters but holding them accountable, corporation or board of directors. We should be freely able to use renewable energy, follow the German models of the cycle of products to reuse, refurbish vs our consumerist throw away mentality. Our world is changing we need to be aware of it.

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***please feel free to add any more Q and A's that you would like to have had, please.
Please be sure that you know and understand that all questions are to be answered to the best of your ability and that only the said Candidate running for office is to answer.  Any and all answers are to be truthful and will be reflecting who you are to the public as a public figure.  Any and all comments can and may be posted at anytime as per the wishes of Operation Constitution, where-in the public may see, view and even copy and re-post as they wish.  Their is not an understood limit of privacy on any of these questions and/ or answers.  Any and all misspelling are not an excuse for the information being misrepresented, punctuation and any other incorrect grammar will not be reason for false or erroneous information to be represented here-in.  By filling this out you do here-by submit to be held responsible for any and all answers given.  If there are any further questions you may contact us through the E-mail listed here or you may call us at 570 445 0763.

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